Stand Out Radio - When Fear Drives Your Success with Adrienne MikkelsenIn today’s episode of Stand Out Radio, you’ll meet Adrienne Mikkelsen. She’s a Harley Davidson riding, registered property valuer and the first women in New Zealand to own a Property Indepth franchise.

She’s breaking the mould in an industry that’s dominated by men and perceived as ‘a bit boring’ by breathing some fresh life into it and making it about people.

As with any business, it hasn’t come without its challenges. Just a few short years ago Adrienne’s business was under massive financial pressure, so much so that she was back at work only a few days after giving birth to her daughter.

Today, however, it’s a different story and as Adrienne shares, fear and resilience were what got her through some of the most difficult times.

Key takeaways from Adrienne:

  • Always believe in yourself
  • Have a plan, whatever that looks like for you
  • Starting a business brings up all your fears but you can use that fear to propel you forward rather than stifle and stop you
  • You are more resilient and stronger than you know
  • Take time out to reflect on what you have achieved
  • Find a passion outside of your work which enables you to switch off, relax and make space for inspiration

You can connect with Adrienne via her website or Facebook page

I’d love to hear what your key takeaways are from this interview with Adrienne, share them below in the comments.

Until next week, continue to live your Stand Out life!
Leanne x


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