At the age of 16, Becky McKeown met her first love. Before long she discovered she was pregnant. The relationship ended with her baby’s father and Becky was left to raise her baby boy as a single parent. Although she was living on welfare she still found a way to continue with her education.

That wasn’t the end of Becky’s struggles and possibly her greatest challenge was about to come.

At 28 years old, 32 weeks pregnant she was in a horrific car accident. Her baby survived but was born prematurely. Becky, on the other hand, was in a bad state.

After the accident, she went through 30 different surgeries and rather than dwell on the pain and suffering she experienced she maintained her faith and her strength grew. Her grandmother had always told her there was always a way to find a positive spin on things so she set about trying to figure it out.

During this time she began to write and mentor other single parents to help them navigate their way through the twists and turns of life raising a child on your own.

Today Becky is a grandmother (another blessing that comes with being a young mum), an advocate for single dads and dads rights, a nurse and podcaster.

Becky’s is a story of resilience, strength and the ever-enduring love for her children.

Meet Becky

Her Story Radio - Episode 88 - Becky McKeown - The resilience of a single parentBecky McKeown is a motivational speaker after life’s biggest struggles. She was a teenage mother at sixteen and on welfare . She is a twice survivor of domestic violence. She was in a life-changing car crash at 32 weeks pregnant in 2006 and survived 30 surgery’s since. She loves mentoring other single parents. She enjoys in her spare time her sons and reading on the beach.


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