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Episode 87 – Chris Wildeboer – Surviving on the basics of life

At the age of 17 Chris Wildeboer was handed $40 and asked to leave her home by her mother. She found herself in the big wide world all alone and even though she was relieved to leave the family home given the stress she was living under, she was surviving on the basics of life; with no self-esteem, no dreams, or desires and barely breathing.

She didn’t know any other way. She knew how to exist and survive. That’s it.

At 21 Chris married her husband, he gave her an opportunity to see something better for herself. However it wasn’t an overnight journey to discovering who she was, it was a long, arduous roller coaster ride of breakdowns, anxiety, and not giving herself much consideration.

It wasn’t until a pivotal moment after the birth of her daughter that Chris’s life changed for good.

Chris’s story is packed with personal lessons that act as a reminder that no matter what our story is, it does not define who we are or how we get to live our lives.

Meet Chris

Her Story Radio - Episode 87 Chris Wildeboer - Surviving on the basics of life

Chris Wildeboer is the founder of Balance Central and has been working in the Personal Development Industry for over 18 years. She has been nominated for a charity award, co-authored a best selling book and loves making an impact through the conversations she has every day.

Her business was established in 2009 and has grown rapidly through networking and word-of-mouth referrals. Chris helps her clients recognize the recurring patterns that are holding them back which enables them to unlock their own power and leads them to a productive and healthier work/life balance.

Chris describes herself as an Entrepreneur, an Author, and a Speaker and Chris loves gaining new perspectives for herself and others through good quality conversations – bringing a greater self-awareness for everyone.


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