Even before I interviewed award-winning copywriter Jay Crisp Crow I was enamoured and intrigued by the sound of her. Who was this sassy, smart woman who could turn wordsmithing into an art form that pulled you in and had you asking for more?

It turns out that Jay is a woman of many talents; singer, dancer, actor and even though she was in the chorus line she was always destined to be the star of the show.

However life laid out other plans for her and in this interview, she takes us by the hand and leads us on a journey from dancer, showgirl, songstress, to disability and being shockingly dumped by her husband, left with a newborn baby and toddler to take care of.

With resilience and tenacity, Jay shares the twists and turns of her life and how she found the courage to step out from the shadows and claim her place in the world and she shares with us why both she and her daughter Ella are advocates for encouraging women to use the voice they were born with.

This is Her Story.



Her Story Radio - Jay Crisp Crow - Be the star of your own showJay Crisp Crow is a business owner, messy mother, and ex-showgirl who used to sing on the back of monster trucks before having children and getting ‘sensible’. She spent far too many years working in private school communications believing she couldn’t make a living as a writer before having an epiphany and taking her own gig on the road.

She somewhat surprised herself by becoming a multi award-winning copywriter, editor, and copy coach working with women in enterprise around the globe. Building an incredible career based on the art of writing words that sell, Jay has turned her love of stories and people into something she never thought possible – a sustainable, thriving business. She regularly teaches, presents, and speaks in Perth and online on everything copy and words.

For a lifetime Jay believed she wouldn’t be able to make a living as a writer. She is thoroughly enjoying disproving that prediction

Find out more about Jay here www.crispcrow.com.au and here www.crispcopy.com.au and follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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