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Episode 10: Roberta Perry – The power of free publicity

Roberta Perry - Stand Out RadioRoberta Perry has accumulated a lot of wisdom over the past 10 years since she and her sister created their business SrubzBody™ Natural Skin Care. In this episode of Stand Out Radio Roberta shares with us why their business has survived and continues to thrive. She also shares how she came to write her new book The Power of Free Publicity to help business owners gain more exposure for themselves and their brands.

Roberta generously shares so many golden nuggets in this interview that I encourage you to listen, regardless of whether you are starting a new business or you’ve been in business a while.

Key Takeaways…

  • Don’t be afraid to fail – you’ll never find true success without failure.
  • Ask people for honest feedback on your products or services and listen to what they have to say. Remember it’s not a criticism of you, it is an opportunity to improve or change what you offer.
  • Roberta says “the only competition we have is ourselves” and they strive to make their products and services better.
  • Word of mouth is great but it only reaches one person at a time whereas free publicity has the potential to reach many.
  • A lot of people might do what you do, but no one will do it with your particular voice or style.

If you like what you hear in our interview, you’ll love Roberta’s book The Power of Free Publicity which you can purchase here

Find out more about Roberta here…

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