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Episode 7: Renee Catt – Making it through a ‘tsunami’ of a divorce


renee-catt-divorce-go-to-girlIn today’s episode of Stand Out Radio, you’ll meet the fabulous Renee Catt, the Divorce Go To Girl.

After going through her own ‘tsunami’ of a divorce, Renee hit rock bottom. However, it wasn’t long after she’d taken herself off on a Divorce Retreat, that she realised she had the opportunity to start fresh. What she never envisioned was that fresh start including a new business where she would be guiding couples to un-tie the knot and separate successfully.

Now, Renee is highly sought after for her leading break-up and divorce advice, and has been labelled the ‘divorce guru’. Renee believes you can be inspired and empowered during this time, you just have to be open to a different point of view. She believes each relationship serves a purpose. Sometimes that purpose lasts and is happily ever after and other times, that purpose ends sooner, and that is ok too.

Renee says “When people separate, they generally don’t know what to do or who to turn to. What process to follow that will give them the best outcome. The immediate reaction is to ‘lawyer up’, to dig in and fight, and get back at the other person for ‘what they did to me’ kind of behaviour.” This is where Renee steps in to guide her clients through to successful separation.

Key Takeaways…

  • Divorce has a grief cycle, it is full of endings but also new beginnings
  • Your god-given right is to be happy both in and out of relationships, but it is your responsibility to meet your needs, not your spouse
  • Embrace gratitude every day and it will change your life – be grateful for the relationship, for the good times and that you get to have a fresh start
  • Get present and in touch with who you are – focus on the ‘now’
  • Be open to thinking about what’s going on, in a different way

Find out more about Renee here…

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Leanne x

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