New Zealand-born Nicola Grace is the owner and chief trainer at The Mission Mastery Academy. She’s an award-winning strategist, best-selling author and one of the world’s top speakers on the subject of Social Entrepreneurship.

In this episode, I talk with Nicola about how she came to save a billion dollar industry from ruin and why she’s so passionate about helping people create and monetise a business with purpose, what that will mean in the longer term, and how job security is becoming an outdated myth.

As a special gift for you, Nicola has generously shared access to her Masterclass for free (click here to get it) where she teaches her entire blueprint for clarifying what you are here to do and how to monetise it so you can build a business around the problem you want to solve.

Living life on your own terms means…

“Marching to the beat of my drum and not following the mould. Being really strong in my own center so I’m not concerned about what others think”
Nicola Grace, The Misson Mastery Academy


Nicola’s Words of Wisdom

  1. Everyone has the mojo within them to do extraordinary things.
  2. Follow your purpose, answer your calling and create a business around that.
  3. We’re groomed to think that creating change on a global level is unobtainable, that it’s for special people with resources and support, but that’s not true.

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