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Episode 37: Julia Hasche – Creating a new life as a single mum

We’ve all experienced a relationship ending at some stage in our lives, but when a child or children are involved, things can be even more challenging. And that’s exactly what Julia Hasche discovered when her and her husband separated when their daughter was just two months old.

She found herself feeling really lonely and she felt like she’d let everyone down…including her daughter – it wasn’t what she thought her life would look like. At the time Julia was unable to find much in the way of support so she created a group specifically for single mums.

After being made redundant last year, Julia saw an opportunity to turn her passion for helping single mums into a business where she could really make an impact and help, inspire and support women to create a happy single mum life.


Living life on your own terms means…

“Doing what I absolutely love with the flexibility to spend time with my daughter, trusting my gut and making the changes that I want in my life and making decisions that are best for me and my daughter.”

~ Julia Hasche

Julia’s Words of Wisdom

  • Find your tribe of single mum friends – for support, guilt-free babysitting, advice, and connection during an extremely emotional and turbulent time.
  • Don’t take on board what other people think or say when it comes to being a single mum. Nobody knows your story except you.
  • When you become a newly single parent you can dig yourself a hole or you can start your life fresh…it’s up to you. But this is an opportunity to start a whole new chapter and really exciting things can happen.

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