Sveti Williams is a Sleepologist who helps people fix their sleep.

In her early 20’s she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that set her on a path to discover how she could be and feel healthier.

She fixed her diet and began exercising, yet she still didn’t feel right. She discovered the impact that sleep could have on health and began to acknowledge how poor her sleep patterns and habits were.  It was then that she learnt all she could about how to maintain the best possible sleep she could and when she did not only did her health improve but so did her life.

Sveti says sleep is an underestimated component when it comes to our health. In this episode, she shares how she fixed her own sleep and how she’s now helping clients around the world live healthier lives and sleep better.

She even shares some great tips on how you can get a better sleep tonight.

Meet Sveti

Her Story Radio - Episode 89 - Sveti Williams - How sleep affects your health

Sveti Williams is the author of ‘Fix My Sleep’ and renowned sleepologist and leading sleep advocate, who helps clients to target sleep disrupters and replace them with sleep-enhancing behaviours. She engages with subconscious psychology to identify and resolve the root causes of insomnia, and other symptoms of people’s physical and emotional struggles.

Sveti’s clients around the world experience her as ‘intelligent, genuine and passionate – a natural healer.’ Her works draw on complementary medicine, and her teaching covers areas both scientific and spiritual, proving a holistic approach to sleep health.

Born into a small village in one of the poorest countries of Europe, Sveti spent much of her childhood observing her great-grandmother preparing herbal tinctures, teas, and remedies to cure a range of ailments. These experiences instilled in her the understanding and inspiration that the most effective health treatments available to us come from natural and traditional sources.


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