Erika Cramer is the Queen of Confidence; real and raw and seamlessly cutting through the crap and getting straight to the point.

How did she get that way? That’s the interesting part. Erika has a massive story. Raised by a single mum who struggled with bipolar, she was in and out of foster homes, experienced physical and sexual abuse and she was a widow at 23…and that’s just scratching the surface.

But Erika always knew she was here to do something more…and that more comes in the form of helping women discover their Queen-ness by working on their inner wardrobe. She says confidence can be learned and caring about what others things is a reflection of you and how you judge others.

Full of wisdom with some laugh out loud anecdotes, this episode is the perfect antidote to perfectionism and embracing your magnificence.

About Erika…

Episode 98 - Erika Cramer - Stop giving a f*#k about what others think of youErika Cramer is a mother of 2, wife and confidence coach (professional hype woman) who is taking a bold stand and showing women how to reclaim their relationship with self-confidence and how to stop giving a F*$k about what others think about them. She embraces the ‘process of becoming’ or the hot mess moments of life (regularly posting videos about her breakdowns on social media). She’s passionate about keeping it real and raw, expressing herself and her story in order to inspire others to own who they are and stand in their fully expressed selves!



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