One day Sarah Morrissey decided to start a radio station for kids aged 0-6 years old. She had no idea how she was going to do it, however, four years down the track over 1.5 million mums, dads and carers have pressed play on Little Rockers Radio in order to entertain their little ones.

Little Rockers Radio isn’t just about providing meaningful entertainment (yoga, exercise, dancing, meditation, and lullabies) for little kids, it has another purpose. Sarah’s nephew passed away in his sleep when he was 16 months old and after seeing the support given to her brother by SIDS and Kids, Sarah knew she wanted to do what she could to give back.

SIDS and Kids were the first charity partner to come board and 70% of the profit from Little Rockers Radio goes back to charity.

Sarah is passionate about what she’s doing and she has big plans for Purpose Little Media. Her goal is to raise $100k per year and $1million over 10 years. She believes that with the power of having an audience you can do a lot of good in the world.


About Sarah…

Episode 96 - Sarah Morrissey - Rocking a business with purposeSarah Morrissey’s nephew passed away from SIDS at 16-months of age and since she successfully built a business that supports Red Nose.

Little Rockers Red Nose Disco broadcasts through child care centres nationally on red nose day each year. This year is their fourth year running the disco and is a great way to fundraise in a fun way for a very serious cause and for Sarah, she loves the thought of thousands of children right around the country dancing and having fun, in memory of Dylan.

Last year they raised just over $50,000 from this campaign for Red Nose and this year they’re aiming to hit $100,000. Their long-term goal is $1million over 10-years.



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