Courtney Elmer had always dreamed of owning her own business so she worked her way up the corporate ladder while working a business on the side. She was very successful and after a couple of years, she walked away from her job to be in her business full time.

On the outside, she looked like she had it all but on the inside, she felt deprived and depressed. She was living a double life and felt like she was addicted to work.

Two days after coming home from her honeymoon, Courtney discovered she had cancer. She was 25 years old.

It was a huge wake-up call. She had surgery and radiation therapy and forced downtime that made her stop and think about how she had been doing life. She recongised that if she wanted to survive she would need to figure out how to work and live with less stress and without sacrificing her life for the sake of being successful.

She poured all of her mentoring, learnings and education into creating a roadmap that helped her navigate through her journey with cancer and get clear about how she wanted her life to look. The first step is always to stop. Stop the wheels spinning because it’s the only way we can evaluate where we are and tune the outside world out.

Courtney’s story is one of warning to those of us who have a pattern of excessive stress, continued exhaustion, burn out and are mentally overloaded. If you do it continuously you will eventually be stopped in your tracks.

In this episode, Courtney and I talk about how wearing all the hats and doing it all are external pressures that trap us into thinking that we’re not worthy unless we perform. We also talk about balance and give our opinions on what our definitions are. I’d love to hear your thoughts about what balance means to you and how it makes you feel when you hear those words.

An insightful interview about what our purpose in life is and why being in alignment and connected with what’s important to us, are the keys to building an unshakable foundation for life.

Meet Courtney

Her Story Radio - Episode 92 - Courtney Elmer

Courtney Elmer is an outstanding Empowerment Speaker and Stress Coach who is on a mission to help female business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders eliminate stress and overwhelm so that they can live a more vibrant and fulfilling life. Most of the time you can find her running amazing workshops and private retreats where she teaches her fellow entrepreneurs how to stop spinning their wheels, stress less and work from a place that is more centered, focused, and balanced.

When she’s not speaking to groups or leading a retreat, you’ll usually find her at the barre studio or adventuring with her husband Alan. She has an obsession for dark chocolate, is a new mom, and makes her home in the fun and funky city of New Orleans with her husband Alan and their furry pups Ace and Deuce, and her lop-eared rabbit Mambo.


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