“If I ever have to bend my values to make money or make someone else happy then that’s not living life on my terms.”

Would you consider working alongside your significant other? Rebecca Plant does. She and husband Ed run the Institute for Couples in Business where they help couples build and grow their businesses.

Rebecca says she wouldn’t want it any other way. She gets to see the best of Ed, to see him shine and do what he does best, help others achieve great things.

Rebecca says going into business with the person you love is the biggest personal development experience you will ever have and even though she feels the pressure to have it all together she freely admits that she doesn’t and that’s perfectly perfect.

In this episode, however, Rebecca takes us back to a time when life had an uneasy feeling about it and when a change was on the horizon. She talks candidly about how she was confronted by the ‘big questions’ that life throws up and how anxiety, fear and feeling like she didn’t belong had an impact her life.

In this episode Rebecca shares:

  • Why she chooses love every time
  • Why life is too short to have crappy conversations
  • sWhy you need to live to your values every day. Know them, embrace them, and never be apologetic in your pursuit of them.

Grab a copy of Rebecca and Ed’s book Lead-the-Ship, find out more about the Institute for Couples in Business here http://www.instituteforcouplesinbusiness.com/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/edwardandrebeccaplant/

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