“Learn very early on not to care what other people think about you or how your kids are behaving.”

Jodie Hampshire and her husband were two working professionals living in London one year and within the space of another year, they were adoptive parents with three children aged 2, 4 and 12.

Jodie says she was bullish and naïve when it came to adoptive parenting and had the underlying assumption that with plenty of love and money they would be able to fix anything.

She admits that before she adopted her children she believed her research and logic-based training would enable her to figure out adoptive parenting without too many issues (insert knowing laughter) as we both agree that regardless of whether you are adoptive or biological parents, you just don’t know what you’re in for until you experience it for yourself.

After experiencing a bout of breast cancer and learning so many lessons the hard way, Jodie and two friends, Selena and Tammy, decided it was time to collaborate and write a book to help save other families some of the trial and turmoil of being adoptive parents.

The book is a culmination of 10 years’ worth of lessons is aptly named Lionheart – a real life guide for adoptive families – it’s truthful and honest and Jodie says there is nothing else quite like it available. The book addresses issues from the early days to trauma, behavioural challenges, and includes their therapy toolbox and ideas for parental self-care.

It’s the book they wished they’d had when they started out raising healthy and resilient adopted children and stay sane in the process.

In this episode Jodie shares:

  • How self-care for yourself and in terms of your relationship with your partner is hard to do but it keeps your sane and makes you a better parent.
  • How blending adoptive kids and biological kids is a delicate balance and one that requires consideration by the whole family.
  • The importance of having adoptive parent friends and why they get you and your kids better than anyone.
  • How her diagnosis with early-stage breast cancer changed her approach to life in terms of worrying less and living more in the moment.

Find out more about Jodie and Lionheart Families here https://www.lionheartfamilies.com/ and follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lionheartfamilies/ or Instagram http://instagram.com/lionheartfamilies

Words of Wisdom

When you are going through a really difficult time with your child reminder that ‘this too shall pass’


When it comes to parenting teenage children learn to be unshockable and try to listen without judgement.


Accept the ups and downs in life and don’t be in a rush to get through the difficult stuff so you can get to that mythical happy place.


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