Episode 70 - Nicole Feenstra, Broken Hearts Division - Fight Crimes of the Heart

“Life on my terms means having confidence and creating a world where I have a strong footing”

Multi-talented producer, writer, content creator, actor and star of Broken Hearts Division, Nicole Feenstra, joins me on this week’s episode of Stand Out Radio.

In 2015 Nicole decided to breathe life back into an idea that had been shelved and on Valentine’s Day this year Episode 1 of the first season of Broken Hearts Division was released.

Broken Hearts Division is a comedic web series about a cop who fights crimes of the heart, anything from assault with a deadly text, wrongful wooing to online dating fraud. Her character, Officer Mack Merriweather, is passionate about her role in the newly established task force, Broken Hearts Division of the LAPD, whose purpose is to bring love criminals to justice.

Nicole and I talk about where the idea for the series came from, what it took to get it off the ground and how she’s now found her voice in the entertainment industry…a place that’s had a lot of bad press recently when it comes to women.

Watch episodes of Broken Hearts Division here: http://brokenheartsdivision.com/ and follow BHD on Instagram http://instagram.com/bhd_tv and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/brokenheartsdivision/

Words of Wisdom

Fall forward.


You’re always going to make mistakes – learn from them.


Exercise or do anything to move your body.

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