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Episode 69 – Sharon Giblett – Use your passion to overcome shyness

Stand Out Radio Episode 69 - Sharon Giblett - Use your passion to overcome shyness

“Life on my terms means making my own choices, decisions and determining my own path.”

Sharon Giblett was an extremely shy child, even loud noises would have her running scared and hiding.

Today, however, Sharon runs a successful business and it’s this business that has enabled her to build her confidence, highlight her strengths and share her message in front of groups of people…even though at one point it would have her turning red from head to toe.

So how did she do it?

There were a series of things.

First, she had children and she didn’t want shyness to hold them back, then she started her own business because she wanted to be in control of her own destiny, then she started running workshops for women because she was passionate about wanting to help them with their finances.

Each time she made a decision to do something, to tap into that bigger part of who she is, and each step along the way so was able to build her confidence.

Find more information about the Business Expo on 7 March in Tauranga here and follow Sharon on Facebook and connect with her on Linkedin.

Words of Wisdom

Learn not to be too shy – with practice and learning it does get easier.


Be open to learning – educate yourself to better yourself.


Give yourself permission to grow, learn and love.

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