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Episode 67 – Karen Lebsanft – Creating your own expectations in an uncertain world

“Living life on my terms means looking after myself first so that the people in my life benefit”

Karen and Ben Lebsanft started their business, Kurrajong Kitchen, 25 years ago. From their restaurant, Chef Ben began making Lavosh, an Armenian flatbread, it caught on and soon their customers were ordering packs which they’d make when their restaurant was closed.

Today they produce 750,000 pieces of Lavosh a day. A far cry from the 30 packs a week that paid for dinner out.

They started without any plan…just had a dream and a passion.

As with any business, there were ups and downs along the way. In 2016 Ben was hospitalised for serious depression and Karen took on sole responsibility for their two children and the business while keeping up appearances. As a public brand, they didn’t want this story exposed because of the stigma associated with mental illness and for the sake of the children.

She felt she was living a double life.

Karen says she experienced her own mini breakdown. After 23 years of working together and being together 24/7, she was uncertain about what their future would be like.

But she found solace and relief at the gym. It was where she found strength and the only thing that she could claim as her own…what she calls finding her ‘normal’ for a moment in time.

Fast-forward to November 2017 and Karen ran her first (and only) marathon…she chose the New York Marathon.

She says this journey has taught her many valuable lessons, the greatest of all is that rather than going faster, she found a way to hit the STOP button, to hit Pause and control the speed at which she moved through life and still achieve the things she wants to achieve.

Find out more about Karen and Kurrajong Kitchen here and follow her on Facebook and Instagram

Words of Wisdom

Value yourself.


Create your own expectations. You cannot live up to others expectations…ever.


Enjoy the journey.

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  1. JESS WAGNER on February 17, 2018 at 1:25 pm

    An amazing woman Karen so thankful for your journey and sharing your story. You inspire so many. Keep smiling

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