“I dare to go out and put into the world my biggest dream.”

Everybody has a money story that they’ve inherited and even though we grow up to be intelligent, highly functioning adults, it’s our story that runs the way we manage our money and our wealth.

Marion Mays champions women to move beyond those stories and says until we identify what the story is, unpack it and make a choice from where we are today about whether that story serves us to build wealth, we’ll see very little results.

Marion is passionate about helping every woman, man and child in Australia become financially literate (side note…I’m encouraging her to spread this globally!)

She created her company Thalia Stanley in order to give people the knowledge and the tools to help them build wealth because she says that the financial industry is not delivering on this…and is unlikely too.

Marion is also head money mindset coach at Noosa Confidential, she’s a single mum, an Ambassador for White Ribbon and an advocate in the fight against homelessness.

This episode is an eyes wide open look at the finance industry and why it’s never too late to start building wealth.

Find out more about Marion and her work here: thaliastanley.com.au and follow her on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/thaliastanleygroup or LinkedIN https://www.linkedin.com/company/thalia-stanley-group/

Words of Wisdom

We are more alike in our fears and insecurities than we could ever imagine.


Always lead with love. Whenever you feel confused or you’re unable to find your way, you’ll find your answer in love.


Dare to dream, dare to be bold, dare to do, dare to try, and dare to imagine that what you think is possible for yourself.

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