Stand Out Radio - Episode 64 Marie-Clare Ashcroft Professional Rebel

“Reconnect with who you really are – your true self, your values and your purpose to create a life that’s perfect for you.”

Professional Rebel Marie-Claire Ashcroft has created a business where she says YES to doing only things that tickle her fancy on any particular day.

That goes against everything we’re told we should do or are expected to do when we have a business.

She says when she started her first business as a photographer she had no idea what she was doing nor did she have the self-confidence to do anything but follow ‘the should train’. Things like you should have a website, you should have a business card, and you should follow these steps if you want success.

Marie-Claire took her business into her own hands. Low self-confidence and low self-esteem had been a constant companion in her life which meant she needed to ditch the ‘so-called rules, do it her way and truly align with who she is.

In this interview, be prepared for a lot of laughter. This witty, fun-loving, inspirational woman is proof that rules are made to broken, life and business don’t need to be serious and that losing touch with our creativity and childlikeness stunts our ability to solve the problems that show up in our lives.

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Words of Wisdom

Everything is better with glitter.


Take more photographs to document your awesomeness.


Don’t take things so seriously.


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