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Episode 60 – Anna Parker-Naples – From wheelchair to walking the red carpet

“Being the mum I want to be alongside the creative person I am”

7 years ago Anna Parker-Naples was in a wheelchair, pregnant with her 3rd child. She’d developed a condition where her pelvic ligaments had stretched so far that her bones couldn’t bear any weight. She was in intense pain almost all of the time and the words “you probably won’t walk again…” crossed the lips of doctors.

One day Anna went to see a hypnotherapist and that was the moment her life took an entirely new path.

Within five years she went from being in a wheelchair believing her life was effectively over to an award-winning voice actor, coaching performers all over the world and rocking the red carpet in Hollywood in a pair of heels…several times over.

And in February 2017  she had an idea to create something new.  That idea very quickly turned into the Inspiring Mummy Club. A place where mums can go to access resources, start to regain their confidence and put themselves back in the driving seat…not just worrying about their family.

Since then Anna was awarded an Inspirational Award at the prestigious Inspiration Awards for Women, other winners included Adele, and her business was a finalist in both the new business and Inspirational Mum categories in the BizMums awards.

All that in only a few months. Today is the day to be and feel inspired and meet the fabulous Anna Parker-Naples!


Words of Wisdom

Don’t stay stuck. Find someone or something that motivates you and take action.


Find a way to take time for yourself because you’re going to feel so much better.


Be fearless. Do the things you are scared of.

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