Stand Out Radio - Michelle Bowater - What will make you happy?

“Living life on my terms…is waking up happy and loving what I do each day”

Meet Michelle Bowater. Happily married, successful in business, young and beautiful, living in a dreamy part of the country and most importantly loving life.

If you read that and thought ‘I WISH!’ or you want to scatch her eyes out then this is an episode you’ll want to listen to.

Michelle’s life didn’t start out this way. She grew up in a poor family where life was about survival. Her way of not becoming a poor adult was doing something her parents hadn’t…she went and got a University qualification and a well-paying job so she could be wealthy.

Two months in and Michelle realised she hated it and that money wasn’t actually the key to happiness after all. However it did give her the opportunity to travel the world but each time she ran out of money, she’d be back in a job that left her feeling frustrated and dissatisfied. She wanted something more but didn’t know how and felt ‘stuck.

It wasn’t until ten years later that she made the decision to change her life for good.


Words of Wisdom

Vulnerability is a real strength and means that we can take responsibility for our lives and that we’re in a place to make the changes we desire and deserve.


Gratitude is the key to happiness.


Know that you have a choice about everything.

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