“Taking responsibility for myself in every aspect of life”

Lillie Cawthorn knew she had to write a book about investing in industrial real estate but when she told her husband her exciting news, he said she was not going to write a book about his business.

As you can imagine Lillie was devastated by his reaction. Afterall they’d spent the past 17 years building a successful industrial property sales and management agency.

However, a moment of clarity came the following day when Lillie announced she was going to write a book. A book that told women how she made $30k per year from her first industrial real estate investment and she was going to show them how to do it too.

She released the book in Dec 2015 and it was an immediate media sensation. Not only do very few people know about industrial real estate but it was the only book on the subject in the world. Ironically Lillie’s husband helped her write the book and now he is her biggest supporter. But she says it wasn’t easy. They went through a very challenging year but their relationship is stronger than ever.

Lillie is passionate about helping women understand that that financial security is their responsibility and that industrial real estate is just one way of making sure they have that security as they get older.

Lillie says statistics show in Australia that over ½ million women over the age of 60 are living on the poverty line. Those statistics are only going to increase.

In New Zealand, women need a minimum of $100k by the time they are 65 in order to afford their most basic needs.

It’s a sobering thought and one that I believe we all need to not just think about but take action on today.


Words of Wisdom

Make a budget – without a budget, you will always be broke.


Pay yourself first. Save at least 10% of everything you make before you pay your bills.


Teach your children how to save and how to read a bank statement.

Find Out More About Lillie

Free Copy of  Lillie’s book The Money Factory – How any women can make an extra $30,000 to $100,000 passive income
Website: www.lilliecawthorn.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lilliecawthornauthorofthemoneyfactory/ 
LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lilliecawthorn/

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