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Episode 57: Rachel Lewis – Building a community for women in business

“Live life with more heart and more soul”

15 years ago Rachel Lewis co-founded KiwiOZ Nanny Agency in London. Today it’s regarded as one of the top Nanny agencies in the UK and there are branches in both Australia and New Zealand.

After moving back to New Zealand Rachel took a step back from work to concentrate on her family and raising daughter Amelia, now 3. It was during this time Rachel realised she wanted to start connecting with people more and was also thinking about what was next for her.

She knew if she was feeling this way there must be others that felt this way as well and that’s when the idea to create a Facebook Group for women in business came about.

It all started in May 2016. Since that time Rachel has built a community called the WE Network with over 7,500 members and growing. This signals that there are more women are starting businesses than ever before and it also identifies a real need for support when you’re doing it with minimal resources (including money).

Rachel says women have less funding, resources, experience and support than men when they start out and WE is an opportunity to help women build profitable businesses with the support, resources and training they need.

Words of Wisdom

Ask yourself each morning “what would the best version of me do today?”


Be calm.


Figure out what you ‘special sauce’ is and be prepared to tell people about it. You are your number one promoter.


Find Out More About Rachel

Website: Network
WE Network Facebook Group:


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