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Episode 55: Tracy Manu – Learning to love yourself

Episode 55: Stand Out Radio - Tracy Manu - Learning to love yourself

“I fully embrace my beliefs and values”

More than 20 years ago, Tracy Manu was handed the book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. It was a defining moment for her because up to that point, her life had been a series of unhealthy relationships and full of feelings that she wasn’t good enough.

Part of that journey involved raising her three children as a young Maori woman and the expectations she felt to prove herself and her self-worth. She felt guilty and criticised herself for the decisions she made and the situations she put herself and her children in but eventually, she learnt to forgive herself and give herself the gift of love…something that she’d never had before.

Today Tracy’s life looks very different. She is proud of who she is and all that she has achieved and as an advocate for self-love her mission is to leave the world a better place for younger generations.


Words of Wisdom

Soften into your heart. Whenever you feel something uncomfortable in your body, place your hand on your heart.


What you do makes a difference. When you share from your authentic self you are making a difference in a way that is bigger than you could ever imagine.


Get out in nature and reconnect with mother earth.


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