Episode 53: Kym Skerman - Infusing adventure into every aspect of your life - Leanne Mulcahy

“Align your life with your values”

Kym and I first met many years go…when we were both at very different times in our lives. I reconnected with Kym recently and wanted to share her story about how she infuses adventure into every aspect of her work and life.

Kym talks to us today about when she had her three high-maintenance baby boys and how as a mum she lost her sense of self. I believe it’s something we all go through at some point (if not more) in our lives which is why I love hearing Kym talk about how she went back to something that she’s been passionate about since she was a teenager.

That thing is adventure.

Not only is Kym a mum of three, she has multiple businesses including her latest venture New Zealand Adventure Retreats where her and her business partner host incredible adventures in the most beautiful parts of New Zealand and she makes sure she fills herself up by training for her next multisport event.

Kym says we are all so much more capable than we actually think.


Words of Wisdom

Goal setting. It’s important to have a WHY attached to any goals you have.


Adventure often. Whatever size, create a degree of uncertainty and self-discovery in your life to help increase confidence.


Find your tribe. Surround yourself with positive and inspiring people.


Find out more about Kym

Website: New Zealand Adventure Retreats
Facebook: New Zealand Adventure Retreats
Instagram: nzadventureretreats


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