In 2008 Julie Bennett packed two suitcases and moved to Boulder Colorado to start her life over again.

Prior to that Julie had built a successful promotions company that brought internationally renowned authors and spiritual teachers from the US to Australia to share their messages in lectures and workshops. She lived in a beautiful apartment by the ocean with a beautiful car in the garage and with 3 years the business was generating a revenue of over a $1m.

Julie was living the dream…or at least that’s what it looked like to other people but the cracks were beginning to show.

She was single, lonely and felt inauthentic and like a fraud and the impact of the global financial crisis meant Julie had to file for bankruptcy.

Julie had lost everything and that’s where great love stories begin. While you’re stripped bare and unattached to anyone or anything and asking the mighty question “who am I without all this stuff”

What Julie discovered was she wanted love.

In this episode, Julie talks about cleaning up her own backyard and forgiving herself for past failures and she says if you want to find your soul mate then you need to be the person you want to attract.

Julie’s Wisdom…

  • Every failure is a stepping stone to success
  • Be the person you want to attract
  • Give yourself time to find out who you really are so you can live authenticity and be your authentic self
  • Listen to your own inner voice…even if it sounds crazy
  • Don’t be afraid to live your life differently to everyone else

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