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Episode 43: Natalya Purchase – How to build a community based on love

When I first approached Natalya Purchase from Thirty Plus and Fabulous about being on the show, she told me she didn’t think she had much of a story. I think you’ll agree with me, after listening to this episode, that Natalya has one hell of a story. One that’s filled with determination, love and a vision to empower women.

In this episode, Natalya tells us about how it all began 6 years ago when she was a single mum with two babies born one after the other, two other children and a new makeup artistry business. 6 years down the track and things look very different for Natalya. Her business has grown and she now caters specifically to women over 30.

Not only that, after a moment of inspiration 10 months ago, she decided to create an online community for women aged 30 and over which has over 21,000 members.

This group is like no other that I’ve seen. It’s a safe place where women can find and offer support and guidance to each other around all sorts of topics from personal relationships to tips on how to clean a burnt pot.

Living Life On Your Own Terms Means…

Set your focus on the dream that’s in your heart. When you fall over and pick yourself up and dust yourself off you realise that even in the process of that fall you fell forward and it took you another inch closer to your dreams.

Natalya’s wisdom…

  • Don’t despise small beginnings. Keep your vision out in front of you all of the time.
  • Keep pushing doors.
  • Always stay aligned to your vision.

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