Fay Chan has always been good with numbers and her personal finances. Her mum taught her to pay bills and then match the money spent with statements. It wasn’t until Fay got to University that she realised it had a fancy accounting label attached to it…it was called reconciling.

But numbers weren’t her only passion and Fay left her corporate role to work in the training and personal development industry. It was then that people began to ask her for help with their money.

With a baby on the way, Fay realised that she had new choices to make and that’s when she decided to start her own business helping people prepare for financially transitional phases in their lives. But budgeting was really just a by-product of what Fay really helps her clients with and you’ll discover some interesting nuggets in this episodes about why making conscious decisions about how you spend can be really empowering.

Fay’s wisdom…

  • Practice discipline around your purchases.
  • Manage what you’ve got so it works for you and your lifestyle.
  • Create healthy disciplines around your finances, make those disciplines fun and then maintain them to create lifelong balance.

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