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Episode 41: Tiffany Jade Benn – Coming out, 9/11 and giving back

She set up her own business, she was longer a money broker, she went in the complete opposite direction, she’s in a creative industry now…oh and P.S…she’s gay. This is how Tiffany Jade Benn of Hart LDN Home Decor describes her coming out of the closet when she was made redundant…finally she felt free to be authentically her.

It was at this time that Tiffany created Hart LDN Home Decor an online homewares store specialising in Australian designed home decor. The business isn’t just about making money (well it kind of is actually but not in the way you think), it’s a vehicle for boutique designers to reach a worldwide market and for Tiffany to support two charities which hold great meaning for her.

One, in particular, Heart 9/11, that supports the team who provide emergency aid response when natural or man-made disasters hit and who are the reason Tiffany is here today…she dropped into the conversation that she was standing at the bottom of the Twin Towers when the planes hit on September 11!

This is a great episode about resilience and turning life’s twists and turns into a one that is lived on your own terms.

Tiffany’s wisdom…

  • Have no regrets.
  • Approach things from “what’s the worst thing that could happen”
  • Stop saying sorry.

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