When Christine Langdon was a child she decided she either wanted to be a journalist or a social worker. She chose journalism and enjoyed a fulfilling career. That was until she realised that even though she had the best job she could have, she still wasn’t satisfied.

Christine began exploring the question “what is the difference I want to make in the world?” and boy did she open a can of worms.

When I caught up with Christine she was almost at the end of a 12 month sabbatical from paid employment and she shares her fascinating story about how her mindset and attachment to money changed completely. She began sharing her journey through her blog My Kinder Life. She shares that giving up that attachment to a pay cheque each week was hard but it has enabled her to really get clear on what matters and what is meaningful in her life.

And it’s a big part of the reason why she collaborated with other incredible women to create the social good entity, The Good Registry, which is a giving platform that helps people put the heart back into giving.


Her Story Radio - Christine Langdon - Doing Good

I’d reached what I thought was the ideal role for me but realised that what I looked forward to the most every week was my volunteering – teaching yoga in prison, and in two workplaces in return for koha (which was donated on to good causes).

I wanted more ways to do more good (not constrained by a corporate structure), so decided to leave my job and forge my own path. I planned to take six months or a year off before launching a social good project of my own, but after just six weeks (mid August 2017), I could see a way to combine my love of generosity and my hate of waste, with the idea of helping people to forgo unwanted or un-needed gifts to redirect that money to good causes instead – and so The Good Registry was born. Follow on Facebook, Instagram, and My Kinder Life

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