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Her father found her. She was blue. His 3-month-old daughter was helplessly choking to death on her own vomit. Panic-stricken, she was rushed to intensive care.

One week later she was back home. Her parents relieved and very, very grateful.

I can’t imagine how frightening that time must have been for my parents, but I gained a sense of it when they shared this story with me of how my father had stolen a peach from his mums’ kitchen, a feat only the brave of heart would attempt under her rule, and snuck into where I was sleeping to eat it. That’s when he found me.

If it wasn’t for Dad stealing that peach I wouldn’t be here today.

As I look at the photograph above it’s hard to believe that a week before I was fighting for my life, yet here I am happy, healthy and without a care in the world. I envy her ability to be so resilient and bounce back after such a traumatic event, yet I am reassured that she is me and I am her.

This 3-month-old version of myself was born resilient and strong and I am forever grateful to have this photograph and my story to remind me of how blessed I am to be alive and experiencing life.

The times when my heart was broken, the times when I felt so much joy that I wished it would last forever, the times when I quietly contemplated what it really meant to be here and the times of sadness and despair. Every experience has been there to teach me something more about who I am and lead me to something greater.

Acknowledge the powerful stories that you have. Do not let them define you or keep you still. Take the best from them and let that be the thing that propels you forward into a life that celebrates your existence.


Her Story Daily - Leanne Mulcahy

Leanne Mulcahy is Founder of Her Story Media Network. Passionate about providing a platform for the voices of women to be heard and their inspirational stories to be shared around the world. Catch up with her latest antics on Facebook and Instagram

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