I was sitting in my cubicle just shy of a year after having my daughter. Everything changed for me in those short months. I was now taking care of this little angel of a human. I needed to be around her. I physically needed to see her. But most of all, I needed to continue the bonding we had really just begun. As I sat there, staring into the distance, I received a message on my phone.

It was my husband sending me a video…of my daughter taking her first steps.

My stomach turned and my eyes welled with tears and I stared at my phone in disbelief.

Not disbelief in her walking, but disbelief that this was my life. That I literally could not get up from my chair, drive home and be with them while this momentous occasion was happening.

Getting unstuck

You see, I was stuck. I had used all of my ‘sick time’ for various reasons, one being an illness that left her hospitalised when she was just 6 months old. But unfortunately, corporate America can’t be concerned with those things. They have a business to run, right?

At that very moment, the walls started closing in and I started to feel like a caged animal. It was less about this specific moment and more about the moments that would come later. What else would I miss?

But what about my bills? Insurance? Mortgage? Groceries? If I left, how would I do it?

I sat obediently in my chair until my shift was over and I went home…for the last time.

We aren’t meant to work in these conditions. This isn’t how life is supposed to be for us. We aren’t supposed to work at a job that makes us miserable just to be able to pay for the things we are told we need to maintain some level of status quo.

That’s when I bucked the system completely and started my own business.

I opened the doors to my own digital marketing agency that next weekend. I joke around and tell people I was like that quote…I jumped out the window and built my wings on the way down. Jump first, ask questions later.

I knew I had the chops and as long as I had that I could figure out the ‘how’.

Paving my own path

Within a month, I already had enough clients to make my leaving that job a moot point. The clients came, the money came, and then the true happiness and freedom came.

Fast-forward to today, my business is successful and my little family is moving to Austin to rent a small place and buy a motorhome to travel everywhere! We will be digital nomads. Location independent. And most of all…HAPPY and  FREE.

This isn’t to bash on anyone working happily in a corporate atmosphere, by all means, kudos!

This is to illustrate what unhappiness really looks and feels like and to show you there is more out there. Just think outside the box. Believe in yourself. Treat yourself and your family with kindness.

“Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire” ~Anonymous



Martha Krejci is the CEO of Alphapom + Tribefinder and is passionate about all things marketing-related. She believes the only way for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to succeed is for them to really learn how to market themselves.  You can do it yourself and she will show you how. Find Martha on Facebook and Instagram


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