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Episode 61 – Aileen Alegado – Taking care of your head space

Stand Out Radio - Aileen Alegado - Taking care of your head space

“…a life where you have the freedom to be your authentic self…” My guest Aileen Alegado says Mental Health is Wealth and she would know. She’s the founder of Mindset Consulting Psychology and primary clinician who is working with people with mental health issues. The statistics show that 1 in 5 people experience or suffer…

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Episode 59: Michelle Bowater – What makes you happy?

“Living life on my terms…is waking up happy and loving what I do each day” Meet Michelle Bowater. Happily married, successful in business, young and beautiful, living in a dreamy part of the country and most importantly loving life. If you read that and thought ‘I WISH!’ or you want to scatch her eyes out…

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Episode 56: Tara Jackson – Overcoming Perfectionism

Episode 56 - Tara Jackson - Stand Out Radio with Leanne Mulcahy

“Be open to discovering what you truly want in your life and what’s important to you” Tara Jackson is a recovering perfectionist and workaholic. She would throw herself into her work and give her all. But it didn’t earn her the rewards she was looking for. In this episode of Stand Out Radio Tara tells us…

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Episode 55: Tracy Manu – Learning to love yourself

Episode 55: Stand Out Radio - Tracy Manu - Learning to love yourself

“I fully embrace my beliefs and values” More than 20 years ago, Tracy Manu was handed the book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. It was a defining moment for her because up to that point, her life had been a series of unhealthy relationships and full of feelings that she wasn’t good…

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Episode 54: Jenny Magee – Author, A Bold Life

Episode 54: Stand Out Radio - Jenny Magee, Author - A Bold Life

“Make the time and the space to think things through more deeply” In 2016, Jenny Magee came to a turning point in her life. She sold her house, got rid of most of her stuff and packed a few treasures into a small storage unit. With only a 7kg carry-on bag (how is this even…

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Episode 44: Julie Bennett – Travelling the world in search of love

In 2008 Julie Bennett packed two suitcases and moved to Boulder Colorado to start her life over again. Prior to that Julie had built a successful promotions company that brought internationally renowned authors and spiritual teachers from the US to Australia to share their messages in lectures and workshops. She lived in a beautiful apartment…

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Episode 42 – Fay Chan, Budgeting 123

Fay Chan has always been good with numbers and her personal finances. Her mum taught her to pay bills and then match the money spent with statements. It wasn’t until Fay got to University that she realised it had a fancy accounting label attached to it…it was called reconciling. But numbers weren’t her only passion…

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Episode 41: Tiffany Jade Benn – Coming out, 9/11 and giving back

She set up her own business, she was longer a money broker, she went in the complete opposite direction, she’s in a creative industry now…oh and P.S…she’s gay. This is how Tiffany Jade Benn of Hart LDN Home Decor describes her coming out of the closet when she was made redundant…finally she felt free to be…

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