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Making time for the unknown – Kristina Evans

Making time for the unknown - Kristina Evans

Being a busy mother, I had no time for the unknown. A friend needed help in her shop so my husband offered my services as he wanted to know where I was during the day while the kids were at school. According to him, I spent it quicker than he could make it! To be…

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Episode 85: Christine Langdon – Doing Good

Her Story Radio - Christine Langdon - Doing Good

When Christine Langdon was a child she decided she either wanted to be a journalist or a social worker. She chose journalism and enjoyed a fulfilling career. That was until she realised that even though she had the best job she could have, she still wasn’t satisfied. Christine began exploring the question “what is the…

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The five minute party girl – Chatelle Jeram

Her Story Daily - Chatelle Jarem - The 5 minute party girl

I was that girl, always on the invite list and always willing to show up – and not be seen. I was there physically but I wasn’t there honestly. One friend dubbed me ‘the five-minute party girl’ because when the weekend rolled around I had a series of parties, birthdays, gatherings to go to. I…

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Episode 81 – Rona Octavia – Searching for adventure

Her Story Radio - Rona Octavia - Searching for Adventure

Our first episode under the new brand Her Story Radio is with the incredible Rona Octavia. A woman who lost herself in a relationship only to rediscover herself through adventure and achieve a life-long dream to swim the English Channel, the stretch of water between England and France, approximately 21 miles (32 kilometers) if you get…

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Episode 77 – Tara Geraghty – Making Cancer Fun

“It’s my life to live. I am OK with the choices I am making for my life. I am accountable.” Cancer and fun are two words that don’t generally go together, however, my guest today is about to tell us otherwise. In 2009, after coming out of a domestic violence divorce, Tara Geraghty found herself…

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Episode 73 – Ami Summers, The healing power of creativity

“Living life on my terms is when I see beauty and appreciation in everything” Ami Summers had always run her business in the background while having a corporate career but over the past 18 months, she’s taken a leap of faith that changed all that. Why? At 38 weeks pregnant she lost her baby girl,…

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Episode 71 – Pavitra Gurumurthi – The power of a smile

Episode 71 - Pavitra Gurumurthi - the power of a smile

“It’s truly humbling to be able to not only be surrounded by people who give me the respect to live life on my terms but to be able to connect and see the power it holds.” Imagine moving to a new country where you knew only one person, where everything was completely different to what you…

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