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Money and Finances

Episode 85: Christine Langdon – Doing Good

Her Story Radio - Christine Langdon - Doing Good

When Christine Langdon was a child she decided she either wanted to be a journalist or a social worker. She chose journalism and enjoyed a fulfilling career. That was until she realised that even though she had the best job she could have, she still wasn’t satisfied. Christine began exploring the question “what is the…

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Episode 59: Michelle Bowater – What makes you happy?

“Living life on my terms…is waking up happy and loving what I do each day” Meet Michelle Bowater. Happily married, successful in business, young and beautiful, living in a dreamy part of the country and most importantly loving life. If you read that and thought ‘I WISH!’ or you want to scatch her eyes out…

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Episode 42 – Fay Chan, Budgeting 123

Fay Chan has always been good with numbers and her personal finances. Her mum taught her to pay bills and then match the money spent with statements. It wasn’t until Fay got to University that she realised it had a fancy accounting label attached to it…it was called reconciling. But numbers weren’t her only passion…

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Episode 3: Adrienne Mikkelsen – When fear drives success

In today’s episode of Stand Out Radio, you’ll meet Adrienne Mikkelsen. She’s a Harley Davidson riding, registered property valuer and the first women in New Zealand to own a Property Indepth franchise. She’s breaking the mould in an industry that’s dominated by men and perceived as ‘a bit boring’ by breathing some fresh life into it…

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Episode 2: Lea Schodel – Making money and finances fun

Lea Schodel is a Financial Adviser, Yoga Teacher, Permaculture Design Consultant, Social Entrepreneur and passionate advocate for Women’s Well-being and Financial Literacy…and if that’s not enough she’s making money and finances FUN! Lea using a creative and unique approach to explaining money and teaching financial literacy to women to help them gain the understanding of what…

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