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Making time for the unknown – Kristina Evans

Making time for the unknown - Kristina Evans

Being a busy mother, I had no time for the unknown. A friend needed help in her shop so my husband offered my services as he wanted to know where I was during the day while the kids were at school. According to him, I spent it quicker than he could make it! To be…

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The Unexpected Journey of Becoming a Writer – Lois Letchford

Her Story Daily - Lois Letchford

My sixth-grade teacher peered over my shoulder, handing back my essay. The ordinarily white paper with black pencil writing was covered with acres of red pen; each mark a new humiliation and evidence of failure. My teacher pointed to each correction mark, loudly stating, “How am I supposed to read this mess? You cannot write,…

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I’m not ovary-acting – it’s PMDD by Lynda Pickett

I’m not ovary-acting - it’s PMDD - Lynda Pickett

I’m 39 years young and in a matter of weeks, I’ll be having my uterus, tubes, and ovaries removed. Not because of some aggressive life-threatening cancer and not due to any unbearable physical pain. In fact, my womb is in perfect working order, having housed my two healthy children, and servicing me with around 250…

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The story of Baby Doe – Noelle Rose Andressen

The story of baby doe - Noelle Rose Andressen

“In the darkness, a silent frightened cry is heard, it is that of an infant struggling to stay alive in the surroundings of refuse, a mother has just abandoned her baby in a trash bin…” Those were the opening words of an Emmy nominated film my husband and I created from scratch with no budget,…

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The Question That Changed My Life – Alisa Bryce

Her Story Daily - Alisa Bryce - Something isn't right

You’d think that getting a melanoma, losing half your hair, and almost losing the plot would be enough if a sign that something needed to change. But it wasn’t these events that made me buck up and do something. It was a simple question, asked in passing nearly two years later, that I had never…

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The five minute party girl – Chatelle Jeram

Her Story Daily - Chatelle Jarem - The 5 minute party girl

I was that girl, always on the invite list and always willing to show up – and not be seen. I was there physically but I wasn’t there honestly. One friend dubbed me ‘the five-minute party girl’ because when the weekend rolled around I had a series of parties, birthdays, gatherings to go to. I…

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I am adopted but where do I belong? – Katrina-Jane Bart

Her Story Daily - Katrina-Jane - I am adopted but where do I belong

How do you explain to someone what it’s like to be adopted? Adoption is one of those things that is completely unique to each person. It’s no different to two women talking about giving birth, while they have both experienced the same thing, their experiences are completely different. I am one of the lucky ones…

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Overcoming chronic pelvic pain – Tara Langdale-Schmidt

Her Story Daily - Tara Langdale-Schmidt

I have Vulvodynia and Endometriosis. These chronic pain conditions in my vulva region make sex painful, if not impossible, and for many women can lead to not only physical but emotional and mental problems. My problems began when I was 11-years old. I had extreme abdominal pain and underwent exploratory surgery. They ended up removing…

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