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The story of Baby Doe – Noelle Rose Andressen

The story of baby doe - Noelle Rose Andressen

“In the darkness, a silent frightened cry is heard, it is that of an infant struggling to stay alive in the surroundings of refuse, a mother has just abandoned her baby in a trash bin…” Those were the opening words of an Emmy nominated film my husband and I created from scratch with no budget,…

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Episode 86: Is your home affecting your health – Nicole Bijlsma

Her Story Radio - Nicole Bijlsma - Is your home healthy?

Nicole Bijlsma is a Building Biologist which means that she finds the connection between built environments, like our homes, and health problems. Her fascination with this area and subsequent expertise, came about when she experienced 10 traumatic miscarriages. Specialists could not pinpoint the underlying problem and it wasn’t until Nicole heard of the work of…

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The Question That Changed My Life – Alisa Bryce

Her Story Daily - Alisa Bryce - Something isn't right

You’d think that getting a melanoma, losing half your hair, and almost losing the plot would be enough if a sign that something needed to change. But it wasn’t these events that made me buck up and do something. It was a simple question, asked in passing nearly two years later, that I had never…

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Episode 84 – Stacey Copas – How to be Resilient

Her Story Radio - Stacey Copas - How to be Resilient

At the age of 12 years, Stacey Copas’s life changed forever. She dived into a swimming pool, hit the bottom and was unable to resurface. Holding her breath for as long as she could she eventually blacked out. Her 10-year-old brother realised that something was seriously wrong and managed to pull her from the pool…

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Overcoming chronic pelvic pain – Tara Langdale-Schmidt

Her Story Daily - Tara Langdale-Schmidt

I have Vulvodynia and Endometriosis. These chronic pain conditions in my vulva region make sex painful, if not impossible, and for many women can lead to not only physical but emotional and mental problems. My problems began when I was 11-years old. I had extreme abdominal pain and underwent exploratory surgery. They ended up removing…

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Healing from depression – Leigh Johnson

Her Story Daily - Healing from depression

In 2012 my life imploded as I struggled to come to terms with the loss of my oldest, dearest friend to pancreatic cancer. Around the same time, my mother began a very heart-wrenching, five-year journey with dementia, then my business faced a major crisis that threatened everything I’d built. Despite having great support, I made…

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The Stolen Peach – Leanne Mulcahy

Her Story Daily - Leanne Mulcahy

Her father found her. She was blue. His 3-month-old daughter was helplessly choking to death on her own vomit. Panic-stricken, she was rushed to intensive care. One week later she was back home. Her parents relieved and very, very grateful. I can’t imagine how frightening that time must have been for my parents, but I…

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