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The story of Baby Doe – Noelle Rose Andressen

The story of baby doe - Noelle Rose Andressen

“In the darkness, a silent frightened cry is heard, it is that of an infant struggling to stay alive in the surroundings of refuse, a mother has just abandoned her baby in a trash bin…” Those were the opening words of an Emmy nominated film my husband and I created from scratch with no budget,…

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Episode 82: Jay Crisp Crow – Be the Star of Your Own Show

Her Story Radio - Jay Crisp Crow - Be the star of your own show

Even before I interviewed award-winning copywriter Jay Crisp Crow I was enamoured and intrigued by the sound of her. Who was this sassy, smart woman who could turn wordsmithing into an art form that pulled you in and had you asking for more? It turns out that Jay is a woman of many talents; singer,…

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I am adopted but where do I belong? – Katrina-Jane Bart

Her Story Daily - Katrina-Jane - I am adopted but where do I belong

How do you explain to someone what it’s like to be adopted? Adoption is one of those things that is completely unique to each person. It’s no different to two women talking about giving birth, while they have both experienced the same thing, their experiences are completely different. I am one of the lucky ones…

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The Stolen Peach – Leanne Mulcahy

Her Story Daily - Leanne Mulcahy

Her father found her. She was blue. His 3-month-old daughter was helplessly choking to death on her own vomit. Panic-stricken, she was rushed to intensive care. One week later she was back home. Her parents relieved and very, very grateful. I can’t imagine how frightening that time must have been for my parents, but I…

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Episode 77 – Tara Geraghty – Making Cancer Fun

“It’s my life to live. I am OK with the choices I am making for my life. I am accountable.” Cancer and fun are two words that don’t generally go together, however, my guest today is about to tell us otherwise. In 2009, after coming out of a domestic violence divorce, Tara Geraghty found herself…

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Episode 73 – Ami Summers, The healing power of creativity

“Living life on my terms is when I see beauty and appreciation in everything” Ami Summers had always run her business in the background while having a corporate career but over the past 18 months, she’s taken a leap of faith that changed all that. Why? At 38 weeks pregnant she lost her baby girl,…

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