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Episode 83: Jenny Rudd – For the love of UNO

Her Story Radio -Jenny Rudd - for the love of UNO

Jenny Rudd is the charismatic editor and part-owner of UNO Magazine. She has the type of energy you want to bottle up and take a swig of when life gets boring. In this interview, Jenny talks about her career as a Sports Spread Betting Trader in London in her mid-twenties and how she was the…

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Episode 82: Jay Crisp Crow – Be the Star of Your Own Show

Her Story Radio - Jay Crisp Crow - Be the star of your own show

Even before I interviewed award-winning copywriter Jay Crisp Crow I was enamoured and intrigued by the sound of her. Who was this sassy, smart woman who could turn wordsmithing into an art form that pulled you in and had you asking for more? It turns out that Jay is a woman of many talents; singer,…

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Healing from depression – Leigh Johnson

Her Story Daily - Healing from depression

In 2012 my life imploded as I struggled to come to terms with the loss of my oldest, dearest friend to pancreatic cancer. Around the same time, my mother began a very heart-wrenching, five-year journey with dementia, then my business faced a major crisis that threatened everything I’d built. Despite having great support, I made…

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Episode 69 – Sharon Giblett – Use your passion to overcome shyness

Stand Out Radio Episode 69 - Sharon Giblett - Use your passion to overcome shyness

“Life on my terms means making my own choices, decisions and determining my own path.” Sharon Giblett was an extremely shy child, even loud noises would have her running scared and hiding. Today, however, Sharon runs a successful business and it’s this business that has enabled her to build her confidence, highlight her strengths and…

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Episode 68 – Elisha Watson, Nisa – Underwear with a conscience

“Living life on my terms means being able to think of something cool and immediately put it into action.” Elisha Watson is a young woman who is changing the way we think about underwear. She left her corporate career as a litigation lawyer last year to create Nisa (Arabic for women), an underwear label with…

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Episode 63 – Anna Thomas, Stockdale & Leggo

Stand Out Radio - Episode 63 - Anna Thomas, Stockdale & Leggo

“I have the freedom and the confidence to stand in my own right…and own it” Anna Thomas is a woman with such energy and enthusiasm for life that it’s hard not to feel energised when you listen to her speak. She was born in a hurry and that’s how she lives life. But Anna also…

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