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Episode 4: Jo Bendle – Making productivity sexy

Stand Out Radio - Jo Bendle, ProductivityMeet the Queen of Effortless Productivity, Jo Bendle. Jo is a Productivity Coach and runs a successful business from anywhere in the world she chooses. How does she do it and why does she do it?

In this interview, Jo tells us about her love of productivity (she even makes it sound sexy!) and travel and how she has created a business that she can operate from anywhere in the world.

Jo talks about how productivity is the tool that enables us all to achieve our dreams, it’s the vehicle that gets us to where we want to go, and rather than being restrictive it actually provides us with the freedom we often crave.

As we talk you’ll hear our conversation about the myth of multi-tasking and perfectionism and how both these things can be debilitating and in fact she encourages us to get comfortable with taking imperfect action.

Jo coaches female entrepreneurs and helps them blast through overwhelm, master their time, remove productivity blocks so they can take consistent action.

KStand Out Radio - Jo Bendle, Productivityey Takeaways…

  • The 3 things you need for effortless productivity FUN…FAST…ON TARGET.
  • You need a goal and you need a plan
  • Start with a mighty brain dump (get it out of your head)

Jo shares an AMAZING TOOL that she says if we do, even for the next 7 days…it will change our lives!


Find out more about Jo here…

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Leanne x

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  1. Kylie on July 26, 2016 at 10:51 am

    So many inspiring ‘one-liners’ as well as fully detailed tools! Really easy to listen to you Jo, will be re-listening to this over and over! What a journey, living the dream, thanks for connecting!

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